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Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 12-20
Preferred Location : Skagit Valley
The Off Ox Project is dedicated to the advancement of the sustainable farming movement through the practical application of oxen and biodynamics. We are currently farming 15 acres, 12 in pasture 3 in certified organic crops. We farm with oxen and make education a priority of the farm. We are looking...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 5-20
Preferred Location : Orting Valley
Upcoming farmer interested in raising small ruminant animals and food crops. Raised up doing subsistence farming.
Seeking Land For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 1-4
Preferred Location : Skagit Valley
We are a family owned small business by name Faithbeyond Farm. We are above 7 years in organic practices type of farming 5 of those years spent in incubator farm programs by the then Seattle Tilth. We are currently leasing land at Enumclaw but we desire to expand in Skagit area where we desire to gr...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 2-10
Preferred Location : Skagit Valley
I have been working in organic and conventional agriculture since 2011 as a farm hand, crew manager, plant propagation lead and gleaning coordinator. I will be leasing a plot at Viva Farms Incubator space in the Spring 2020. My partner and I are seeking land with a home to start a small CSA m...
Seeking Land For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 1-10
Preferred Location : Buckley Plateau
I'm an aspiring farmer with an equestrian past and looking for a largely pork and poultry filled future. I got my first job at a stable when I was 11, and through my teens I continued working at farms as I trained and showed Arabian horses. I took my 20's off from the industry to try out l...