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Preferred Acreage: 10-200
Preferred County: I'm Flexible
Bindi Farms raw animal welfare centered microdairy is looking for a new farm to call home. I have had the wonderful opportunity to provide healthy raw dairy to the community from my small herd of A2/A2 Jersey and Guernsey cows, and Nubian goats for the last several years. Our farm lease is coming to an end in June here on the California Central Coast and I am looking to move myself (43 year old single Mama) and animal savvy 7 year old Daughter to Washington state along with the farm. A more farmer friendly climate in WA especially regarding micro dairies will be a wonderful journey and next step for our farm. I am looking for acreage with the potential for a home rental or RV parking. Some existing livestock infrastructure would be helpful such as fencing/barns but not a dealbreaker. and we practice humane and animal centered farming practices.
Bindi Farms focuses on animal wellbeing centered practices, differing from most other dairy operations. Every animal has a name, and we honor the Mother/child bond by milk sharing with the calves and goat kids. There is no forced separation, and the young are allowed to self wean at their optimum ages. I would love to continue to develop the creamery side of the dairy, and expand our current seasonal offerings of kefir, yogurt, chevre, and ricotta cheese. Potentially working with other farmers to add additional crops is of interest.

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  • Row Crop
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  • Dairy
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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