Heather S.  
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Preferred Acreage: 1-10
Preferred Location: Buckley Plateau
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I'm an aspiring farmer with an equestrian past and looking for a largely pork and poultry filled future. I got my first job at a stable when I was 11, and through my teens I continued working at farms as I trained and showed Arabian horses. I took my 20's off from the industry to try out living in a different world and raising a family. All I ever found was that the want to farm wasn't a teenage love, it was ME. It was who I wanted to be, even as an adult. A couple years ago I started working at a stable near my house. Early in 2019 I decided farming would be my future and the owner of the stable gave me 500 square feet of space for a garden. It was a wildly successful year, but I now know my passion lies mainly with animals. So now I humbly reach out to my community looking for a place to expand. I'm hoping to lease land until I can find a way to purchase my own. I'm doing what I can to read and learn about raising pigs and chickens. I've had a small flock of chickens before, but aspire to have a much larger operation. I'm ready to move into the hands-on learning aspect of farming while still helping to provide for my family.
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  • Livestock
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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