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Daniel H  
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Preferred Acreage: 0-10
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I am exploring options to build a farm business somewhere in my home state of Washington. My background is mostly in low/no-till biointensive market gardening on a small scale. I currently run my own organically-grown microgreens farm in Seattle, Bikerogreens. I previously managed a 3 acre farm and garden at a retreat center in Big Sur, where I oversaw all aspects of production, crew and volunteer management, as well as designing a series of educational workshops and interpretive garden spaces. I also previously have worked as a farmhand at farms such as Radicle Roots and Carnation Farms. I currently manage the Delridge Farmers Market and am deeply involved in developing new market models for community care that continue building food systems equity in South Seattle.

My biggest interest is in developing a co-operative enterprise with like-minded growers and professionals interested in building communal resilience and a life tied directly to the land. I am most interested in establishing a small no-till market garden, somewhere between .25 and 1 acre, as well as exploring possibilities for goat dairy, pastured layers, and perhaps hogs or a couple dairy cows. With these other enterprises I would anticipate seeking in the range of 5-10 acres maximum. I am also interested in developing agroforestry systems like those in the syntropic model. My biggest dream is to have a farm site that also can accommodate educational programming, farmstays, and a casual cafe. I am especially interested in properties that can accommodate the development of a farmstand for direct sales on-farm.

Outside of farming, my background lies mostly in sales and restaurant management. I love connecting with people over food and truly believe it is our best chance at engaging folks to change hearts and minds towards a more sustainable, resilient life. I look forward to connecting with landowners, retiring farmers, and current farmers who are potentially interested in developing co-operative enterprise.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Pasture
  • Dairy
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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