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Jake Y.  
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Preferred Acreage: 10-3000
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We are a first generation cattle ranching family who currently operates Tracking Y Ranch as a family of four. Jake attended WSU and studied Animal Science, as well as attended Walla Walla Community College where he became a certified Farrier. He went on to manage and work on ranches in Washington, Oregon, and Montana. He currently has over 30 years of ranching experience. April attended Evergreen State College and South Puget Sound Community College studying finance and human resources. Our two daughters are a huge part of our operation, helping with livestock care and managing our horses which we use in our operation. We raise Grass Fed/Grass Finished, as well as Grass Fed/Grain Finished, beef for direct to customer sales. We are a Cow/Calf to Finish operation currently selling in Washington and Oregon. Operating since 2015, we currently run cattle on approximately 325 care leased acres, with about half of those acres under Conservation style easements. Our grazing program is best described as "Prescribed Conservation Grazing," as we work with each property owner, the land itself, and wildlife to strive to create the best longterm future for the property to meet all of the forementioned interests. Current grazing goals for our properties have included fire fuel load reduction, native plant deferments, endangered species habitat improvement (to include the Oregon Spotted Frog), invasive species removal/maintenance, Silvopasture development and maintenance, as well as general pasture maintenance.

We are looking for properties in need of our Prescribed Conservation Grazing approach, but more importantly looking for a longterm headquarters location for our operation as currently 100% of our program is ran on care lease properties, and we are striving to create a longterm sustainable ranch for our family and children.
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