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Logan F  
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Preferred Acreage: 3-80
Preferred County: Jefferson County
I currently own and operate Heartwood Nursery. Propagating fruits and nuts feels like one of the greatest gifts I can offer in a time that needs more nutritious food, slowing down, practice of thoughtful observation and reflection, soil and water conservation, carbon sequestration, and simply, more trees. I also manage a young chestnut, hazelnut, and pear orchard, and have helped implement multi-functional hedgerows, oak savannah plantings, and rotational grazing systems on the land I currently lease.

Before starting my own nursery, I've worked on several small organic vegetable farms and fruit and nut tree orchards since 2009. I have experience managing small veggie operations and orchards.

I've planted thousands of trees for others and on leased property and am now seeking land to buy / share ownership / long-term lease where I can have a permanent place for my nursery and an orchard to tend indefinitely. Ideally this farm would include a house and well.

More about Heartwood Nursery...
Started in 2018, the nursery is small-scale, or human-scale. This means it’s manageable with one or two people. Small-scale empowers us to use low-tech management practices. Using appropriate technology, means using hand tools and very limited to no power tools. Beds are prepped with broadforks and mulched with wheelbarrows; Trees are grafted by hand with single bevel knives; Dormant trees are dug with a spade. Minimizing soil disturbance through low-tech practices encourages microbial life and healthy trees. The trees are grown in deeply mulched permanent beds. These require zero pots and dramatically less water to stay happy. Deep mulch also transforms into vibrantly rich soil that feeds the plants. No plastic pots means I sell my trees “bare root”.

for even more info see: heartwoodnursery.org
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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