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I began working on farms when I was about 13. Growing up in rural Maine, I was surrounded by agriculture and grew up haying for my uncle every summer. When I started my undergraduate studies at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, I focused my studies on sustainable agriculture and food systems. I was intensively engaged in studies about organic agricultural practices, homesteading, farm economy, permaculture, and even a variety of other topics including nutrition, anthropology, and food policy.

During my time at COA, I worked on the organic vegetable production farm, Beech Hill Farm, for about two years. I also interned at another farm in Maine learning about raising goats and making goat dairy products. For a summer, I even worked for the head carpenter on campus as part of his team. I also began taking classes from a local herbalist and fell in love with the art of herbal medicine, knowing then that I would one day become a medicinal herb farmer.

After graduating, I spent a season working for Adobe House Farm in Durango, Colorado, growing a variety of organic veggies, and then moved up to Salem, Oregon, where I became the manager for the organic flower farm, Witte Farm. While working for these two businesses, I was taking classes from the online herbalism school, Common Wealth Herbalism, and studying herbalism on my own. I eventually left Witte to start my online business, Botanical Revival.

I have worked for myself growing Botanical Revival since May of 2022. This online business is an education blog about herbs and regenerative agriculture where I create free educational materials about all of the things I'm passionate about. I started this business with the intention of it being the first step toward my regenerative herb farming business, learning all I can and gaining an online following. You can visit my website here: https://botanicalrevivalherbs.com

After being sedentary and away from farm life for a year, all while building Botanical Revival, I am ready to get back out in the field--doing it my way this time. I am eager to put all of my dreams and plans into action and work with plants and the earth again. It is my goal to begin growing a selected assortment of medicinal herbs using regenerative farming methods, flexible with the limitations of the land I have the privilege of growing on.

About housing, I live in a renovated camper van and would at least need somewhere to park it. Electric and water hookups aren't necessary as long as I have access to water and the sun. If more permanent housing is available, I would be grateful to consider it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my life, and I hope we can work together soon!
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