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Preferred Acreage: 10-30
Preferred Location: Western Washington
We are Jeanette and Jeff, a couple residing in Western Washington and actively in search of a small farm. Our primary objective is to implement regenerative and sustainable practices, with a focus on preserving the genetics of heritage chickens and heirloom plants. Additionally, we are driven by the desire to contribute to our local community and provide access to a wide range of healthy foods.

I (Jeanette) have a degree in horticulture, with additional education in animal husbandry and wood working. I am employed at a small family nursery and volunteer at a CSA. I have experience in greenhouse growing, integrated pest management, landscape design, tractor operation, a strong foundation in customer service, and deep love for the natural world.

Jeff works as a protein biochemist and views farming from a holistic perspective that emphasizes biodiversity, interconnectedness, resilience and ethics. He is a lifelong learner with skills in welding, design, fabrication & mechanics. Jeff also enjoys brewing, baking & mountain biking.

Our ideal property would include space for a wide variety of uses, perhaps including acreage that is kept in a natural state. We are looking in the Western Washington area, preferably in the Olympia/Seattle/Bellingham corridor as we have extensive family in the area.

We are open to the possibility of a mentorship arrangement, particularly if the property is already managed as a working farm. We would love to have a farm stand or run a CSA, as our passion is supporting healthy, diverse food systems. In addition, we are open to exploring other viable opportunities that could contribute to our farm stand or CSA income, such as cultivating specialty ornamental plants for the nursery industry.
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  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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