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Preferred Acreage: 2-40
Preferred County: Skagit County
We are a well-established local beekeeping company that specializes in ultra local honey in the Seattle area. We currently keep hives in over 30 backyards and rooftops across the Seattle area, and also keep bees more rurally both for the last 8 years at a farm in Carnation, and on forestry land close to Buckley in close proximity for Mt Rainier fireweed. We are also passionate about native plants, and like any opportunity to plant native meadow flowers that are good for all the bees.

We are looking for space to expand our operation and establish an industrial apiary with space for several hundred hives, mostly in the off season. Our goal is to raise more nucleus hives, gather hives for pollination, and store beekeeping equipment and vehicles. Therefore, we are looking for a property that has a barn or other large storage building.

In terms of acreage, we only need an acre or less but depending on the location, we may need more land in order to provide a buffer between our operation and the neighbors. If we are surrounded by forests or farmland, only a small buffer would be necessary. However, if we are close to a more residential area, we could need a minimum of 10 acres for buffer. We prefer land out of the floodplain, and need to have a minimum of a quarter acre above the hundred-year flood line. We also need the property to have reliable road access for semi trucks or flatbed trailers, which we use to move the bees.

We are open to properties that are no more than 2 hours from North Seattle, so King, Skagit or Snohomish counties are preferred. Looking to purchase or enter a long-term lease.
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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