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Preferred Acreage: 1-3
Preferred County: Jefferson County
Currently seeking a space to grow vegetables in an organic, regenerative, no-till manner. Years of working on tillage-based organic row farms (as well as other experiences) brought me to feel the importance of honoring both the above- and below-ground life that make healthy crops and a healthy landscape - and beyond! While our last farm/homestead venture was no-till based, I am looking to continue to experiment with other no-till and natural farming methods - Korean natural farming methods in particular.

I'm now a somatic therapist with a deep soul need to grow food again. (My partner Erika is as well, but currently has less time to devote to farming - thus I am writing this listing as the main contact and land-seeker.) Our primary goal is to find space to grow food for ourselves in the coming season but would hope to expand to small market garden size as time, space and infrastructure allow. A quarter to full acre is the size we imagine using for production. We are open to a variety of situations for lease or share, from spaces with very little infrastructure to extensive. Though, management-wise, we don't imagine that sharing land where conventional methods are used would be a good fit. Long-term, we are seeking land to live and grow on permanently (most likely through land purchase).

We are definitely open to living situations on the land we connect with, though we are aware that due to our separate therapy practices, it would be hard to find a fit that would accommodate the physical space and internet we require (as we both have remote offices). One other possibility is to use our converted short school bus "Daisy" as part-time accommodations for me or us, if the right place arose.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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