Photo by Amelia Vaughn

Carefully stewarded farmland nourishes our communities, fuels our economy, and restores our soil, air, and water. Without hard-working hands, farmland isn’t farmland. PCC Farmland Trust has partnered with Washington farmers for nearly 20 years, and we’ve come to understand their unique challenges and needs. That’s why today, we have expanded the ways in which we carry out our mission by working to better connect farmers to working land.

How it Works

Through online and in-person matching and coaching, Farm to Farmer enables new and expanding farmers to connect with the land opportunities they need to grow their businesses. At the same time, it helps retiring farmers transfer their land to the next generation.

Upon registering for Farm to Farmer, users will be able to create listings, connect with landowners and seekers, and receive personalized land matching assistance. Once a listing is submitted for review, users will be contacted by a member of our staff — an experienced farmer — to provide consultation and conduct a site visit if necessary. From there, listings will be refined and posted to the site.

Photo by Amelia Vaughn

Photo by Amelia Vaughn

4 Things to Know Before Registering

  1. Registering for Farm to Farmer allows users to create listings, connect with landowners and seekers, and receive personalized land matching assistance.
  2. Farm to Farmer is free for a limited time. We will charge a one-time fee of $15 starting in 2019.
  3. Currently, Farm to Farmer serves landowners in Pierce and King Counties of Washington State. All land seekers interested in farming in those areas are encouraged to participate.
  4. Not all properties listed on Farm to Farmer have been protected by PCC Farmland Trust.


On top of the complexities of farming itself, food producers must contend with rapidly rising land prices and the uncertainties of a changing climate. At PCC Farmland Trust, we believe Farm to Farmer is a critical step in ensuring that our local farmers — aspiring, expanding, and retiring — will continue to have a place within Washington’s changing landscape.

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