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Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 5-50
Preferred County : Pierce County
Experienced farm/ranch woman. Had 150 acre ranch in Texas for seven years, and used holistic management techniques to raise grassfed cattle, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits. I am back in my home state of Washington, going through a separation/divorce and am looking to continue my passion for clean f...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 15-50
Preferred County : I'm Flexible
I am a young, female urban farmer looking for 20+ acres to be my forever farm. I'm dreaming of a space with a large barn to serve as an event venue (I have a background in event planning) as part of a sustainable, profitable farm business. Searching for land in Kitsap, Jefferson, and Skagit counties...
Seeking Land For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 1-3
Preferred County : Skagit County
Experience with 1-30 acre vegetable, flower and fruit operations, and both wholesale and CSA marketing channels. I have been out of commercial farming for the last couple years and am looking to start up my own operation. In addition to farming, I have experience working on conservation and habitat ...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 10-80
Preferred County : I'm Flexible
Evelyn & JJ are a married farming couple with a combined 10+ years of farming experience on 6 different farms of various scales. We have been responsible management on commercial and educational farms and now we are starting our small family farm with a focus on vegetable and flower seed crops. We...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 5-20
Preferred County : Pierce County
Upcoming farmer interested in raising small ruminant animals and food crops. Raised up doing subsistence farming.