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Seeking Land For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 1-4
Preferred Location : Skagit Valley
We are a family owned small business by name Faithbeyond Farm. We are above 7 years in organic practices type of farming 5 of those years spent in incubator farm programs by the then Seattle Tilth. We are currently leasing land at Enumclaw but we desire to expand in Skagit area where we desire to gr...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 1-5
Preferred Location : Snoqualmie Valley
My spouse and I run a no-till diversified vegetable operation using organic growing practices. We seek 1 to 5 acres but are open to more. We believe that healthy soil equals healthy vegetables. We do not use heavy machinery....
Seeking Land For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 0-1
Preferred Location : I'm Flexible
First generation farmer seeking 1/4-1 acre plot to organically farm medicinal herbs. I have been farming for three seasons, one at an urban farm in the Portland metro area and two locally in Pierce County at a small scale direct market vegetable farm. I have many years experience learning applicatio...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 10-50
Preferred Location: Other
We are a married couple who have been full-time organic farmers since 1997 and are seeking a long-term land opportunity to move our farm operation onto. We have an established certified organic contract-seed production farm business that produces specialty crop seed, on a wide range of crops, for se...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 5-100
Preferred Location: Other
I am an organic vegetable and small fruit grower, with over 12 years experience working on and managing organic vegetable operations. I have a BS in Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciene, and currently am Production Manager for a 50 acre wholesale operation here in western WA....