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Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 10-50
Preferred Location : open
We are a married couple who have been full-time organic farmers since 1997 and are seeking a long-term land opportunity to move our farm operation onto. We have an established certified organic contract-seed production farm business that produces specialty crop seed, on a wide range of crops, for several national retailers. The land we currently lease is not available for lease past 2020 and we are looking for a new long-term location to move our farm operation onto.
We are hoping to find 15-25 open acres of quality soil with ample irrigation water, ideally with utilities, storage structures and potentially a home. We are open to a variety of arrangements from outright sale to long-term lease.
We have a strong land stewardship ethic and strive to improve the soils and ecology of the farm using cover crops, insectaries, hedgerows and crop rotation. We have also been farm educators for many years and have trained many new farmers. Finally, we understand the business of farming and are consistently seeking a balanced triple bottom line in the forms of economic, social and ecological profitability.
Our long-term plans include to continue developing our organic seed production business with an emphasis on quality seed, excellent land stewardship, profitability, and happy employees. At one point we may consider diversifying into livestock or other crops. We are hoping to find farmland that we can own or lease for at least 20 years so that we do not need to move the farm business again.
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 2-5
Preferred Location : anywhere in King County: Duvall to North Bend

My name is Jess and I am a first generation farmer looking for land to lease, or buy if it is the right piece of property! I have farmed for the past 3 years in New York at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, as well as in Hawai'i and here in Washington. I am currently working at One Leaf Farm in Snohomish.

To give you an idea of the type of farm I am looking to build, here is the mission statement for my proposed farm:

Two Hands Farm believes in the conscious and responsible cultivation of our land. We are dedicated to growing organically by using ecologically informed, regenerative, and biointensive practices to produce nutrient-dense, delicious, seasonal vegetables. As first-generation farmers, our intentions are rooted in nurturing a resilient and equitable food system that empowers, enriches, and engages our local community. Sustainably working the soil, we humbly grow this food and share it - from our hands to yours.

I am looking for land with the following specifications:
2-5 acres (more is fine too)
access to water - potable and agricultural use (fully irrigated preferred)
access to walk in cooler or area to build one
Housing available preferred
Ability to have chickens for egg production

Would be happy to share any vegetables and eggs with landowners and/or their families! Looking forward to connecting with landowners to discuss potential opportunities! Thanks for reading!

Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 5-100
Preferred Location : I'm Flexible
I am an organic vegetable and small fruit grower, with over 12 years experience working on and managing organic vegetable operations. I have a BS in Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciene, and currently am Production Manager for a 50 acre wholesale operation here in western WA.
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 5-15
Preferred Location : Other
I have close to a decade of farming experience including 4 years owning a farm business. I grow row crop vegetables using organic practices for CSA, farmers markets, and wholesale accounts. I'm looking for a property in a location conducive to participation from the community.
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 20-100
Preferred Location : Buckley Plateau
Cattle farmer, 30 years experience raising cattle. I currently lease 3 farms in Buckley totaling 40 acres I have all the equipment to harvest my own hay for my cows including pasture rejuvenation implements ,drags no till seed drills ect. I currently run 35 head and need to expand with more pasture. Thank you.
SeekingLand For Lease
Preferred Acres : 1-2
Preferred Location : I'm flexible
I am a beginning farmer specializing in cut flowers and culinary herbs. I've gone back to school after getting laid off from my job of eleven years. Horticulture is my major! Last season, we built raised box beds at our home in South Tacoma. We planned for some small events and individual sales. We exceeded our goals with an abundance of product, even after a bout of insect pressure. Our flowers were on the stage of a large graduation ceremony at UW-Tacoma in August.
I've completed some relevant courses: Weed ID & IPM, 2018, Sustainable Small Farm & Ranching-WSU Extension, 2026, Food Safety & GAP, Edmonds College, 2016 plus many floral design courses.
It's my intention to grow and sell cut flowers and herbs by CSA and individual event sales. I need to have at least 1/8th to 1/4 acre to make this a viable business. I was in catering for 18 years and have lots of contacts that will help with sales.
I am very open to any type of lease/business arrangement. I don't need housing-just land and water. I have family to help me, as well.
SeekingLand For Lease
Preferred Acres : 1-3
Preferred Location : I'm flexible
My partner and I have a combined 8 years of agricultural experience ranging from permaculture design to under 2-acre market gardening to mid-size commercial organic farming including row crop and mushroom cultivation. Our experiences have accumulated from years of on-hand practical training in apprenticeship programs where we have both excelled quickly and have taken on a broad and extensive range of responsibilities on multiple properties. We are young, ambitious farmers with pursuits in obtaining under 5 acres of land to cultivate using bio-intensive and sustainable practices for intent to sell at farmers markets, CSA, and wholesale. Our main objective is to use organic, minimal tillage and sustainable methods to improve the soil and to increase biological content while supplying nutrient-dense vegetables to the community.
SeekingLand For Lease
Preferred Acres : 2-10
Preferred Location : Other
I'm a young farmer seeking to manage land in the Polyface Farm/Savory Institute way. I have 20 years of small ruminant management under my belt (4-H grad), tinkered with sheep and veal calves the last few years. I'm now interested in establishing a farm business with my 20 head of registered dairy goats, a handful of dairy and hair sheep and two Jersey heifers. Only thing I need now... pasture.
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 10-50
Preferred Location : I'm flexible
I am seeking a piece of land that can support me and my family as a sustainable homestead, and serve as a beautiful event venue for city dwellers looking to dip their toes into the world of plants, soil, and goats. My ideal property would have a large barn for events, room for goats, sheep, and chickens, a home to live in, and soil for vegetables and fruit trees.
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acres : 10-80
Preferred Location : I'm flexible
Evelyn & JJ are a married farming couple with a combined 10+ years of farming experience on 6 different farms of various scales. We have been responsible management on commercial and educational farms and now we are starting our small family farm with a focus on vegetable and flower seed crops. We are seeking farmland to develop on long term.

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