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Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 0-2
Preferred Location : Vashon Island
I am a cut flower farmer and owner of Sweet Alyssum Farm. I am currently farming in Puyallup, Washington and looking for land to buy or lease for the 2020 farm season and beyond. I have two years farming experience in bother cut flowers, vegetables, and some experience with livestock (chicken, sheep...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 1-5
Preferred Location : Snoqualmie Valley
My spouse and I run a no-till diversified vegetable operation using organic growing practices. We seek 1 to 5 acres but are open to more. We believe that healthy soil equals healthy vegetables. We do not use heavy machinery....
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 3-70
Preferred Location : Skagit Valley
I have grown all sorts of fruits and veggies for our household, and friends and family for the past 7 or 8 years, and now wish to grow for small scale, local production. I’ve also raised chickens for two years for us and neighbors. One day, I’d also love for us to get into small scale livestock (lik...
SeekingLand For Lease
Preferred Acreage : 0-1
Preferred Location : I'm Flexible
First generation farmer seeking 1/4-1 acre plot to organically farm medicinal herbs. I have been farming for three seasons, one at an urban farm in the Portland metro area and two locally in Pierce County at a small scale direct market vegetable farm. I have many years experience learning applicatio...
Seeking Land For Sale
Preferred Acreage : 2-5
Preferred Location : Snoqualmie Valley
Hello! My name is Jess and I am a first generation farmer looking for land to lease, or buy if it is the right piece of property! I have farmed for the past 3 years in New York at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, as well as in Hawai'i and here in Washington. I am currently wo...