Micah A


ID: 1425

Preferred Acres: 5 to 20

Preferred Location: Other

Interested In: For Sale

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Dear Farmland Steward,

I recently returned to Seattle from Japan, where I worked for an international sustainable agriculture training center. In Japan, I provided hands-on training in dairy goat management and organic farming practices for over two years. Before that, I managed the Seattle Tilth Farm Works farm incubator education program in Auburn for 5 years. There, I developed farm curriculum and provided technical assistance to aspiring farmers from diverse backgrounds; assisted managing 10-acres of certified organic mixed vegetables in addition to 10-acres of pasture for livestock for rotational grazing; and supported the operations of a 200-member CSA. I also helped Highline Community College create an urban ag program and have experience with farming in extremely rural locations in Papua New Guinea and Zambia.

Now that I am back in the Pacific Northwest, I'm interested in leveraging my farm experience to start my own farm. I'm also interested in starting, or contributing to, a farm community that values diversity, a healthy environment, and good food. I currently own a house in Seattle that allows me to enjoy a substantial garden, but I'm willing to sell it in order to make the farm dream a reality.

Eventually, I would like to own/manage an integrated farm that includes mixed vegetables, livestock, grains and perennial tree crops and I would certainly consider organic certification. I have experience keeping bees, growing mushrooms and love fermenting and would also like to include those pursuits on the farm. I am prepared to build slowly, focusing on one element at a time.

To start, I am looking for 10-20 acres of farmland with healthy soil. I would prefer a site with housing for a small family of three, though perfectly willing to fix up buildings in need of repair. Access to water and water rights are important, though I am willing to install my own exempt well if required. Any working infrastructure and equipment would be a plus.

Thanks kindly,
Micah A.

Preferred Farm Business Activities:

  • CSA / Direct Market

Preferred Farming Operation:

  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Pasture

Intended Farming Practices:

  • Sustainable and Organic Practices

  • Certified Organic

Needs Housing:


Currently Farming:


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