Property ID:2101
For Lease
Number of Acres: 10
Location: Langley
Land Description:
Puget Sound Agrarian Commons & Agrarian Trust
Farm Seeking Farmers on Whidbey Island

RFP is released and accepting applications now:

The Agrarian Trust (AT) envisions nationally-supported, community-held land and agrarian lands that supports sustainable food production, ecological stewardship, community vitality, and equitable land access for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

Puget Sound Agrarian Commons offers a land-ownership model that addresses the current realities of how land is owned, how tenure and equity are conveyed, and how land stewardship is carried out.

Property was donated to launch the Puget Sound Agrarian Commons. Puget Sound AC will work with the farmer(s) to develop and agree on a lease that meets the farmer’s needs, ensures stewardship of the land, and furthers Puget Sound AC’s goals around land access.

Land: 10 acre property, previously hayed. Indianola sandy loam, which is considered prime farmland if irrigated. With the appropriate stewardship and infrastructure, the site is well-suited for small-sale annual or perennial crop production, and/or pastured livestock. Approximately 3.5 acres are tillable, with another 1.3 acres suitable for an orchard or other perennial crops. No current infrastructure but planning a well and small additional infrastructure as decided by farmer and board.

At a minimum, Puget Sound AC expects the lease agreement to contain the following elements:
- A negotiable lease rate, which recognizes the value of sweat equity and the expenses of starting with raw land. This could look like a graduated model, with no cash costs for the first two years before gradually increasing to the mutually-agreed full lease rate.
- A negotiable long-term lease tenure, with a minimum 3-year introductory period and a minimum full term of at least 10 years
- The ability for the farmer(s) to build equity through the construction of permanent farm infrastructure (i.e. barns, houses) that are built to local building code standards.
- Permanent infrastructure will be sited with input from the Puget Sound AC board
- Puget Sound Agrarian Commons will invest in and maintain basic infrastructure such as a driveway and utilities
- Annual operational costs (i.e. seeds, supplies, equipment, tools) as well as temporary structures will be the responsibility of the farmer(s).
- A non-negotiable requirement of regenerative, ecologically sustainable, and/or organic farming practices
- In addition to stewarding the land, the farmer will also be asked to serve as a voting member of the Puget Sound AC board.
Current Uses:
  • Fallow and Managed
Past Uses:
  • Fallow and Managed
Farm Business Activities Allowed:
  • CSA/Direct Market
  • Wholesale
  • Farm Stand
Types of Farming Allowed:
  • Dairy
  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Hay
  • Pasture
  • Organic
Organic Ready: Yes
Sun Exposure: Full
Is your land conserved?: No
Landowner Lives Onsite: No
Housing: No
Fenced: No
Fenced: No
  • Irrigation
Storage: No
Electricity: Yes
Road Access: Yes
Heavy Equipment Access: Yes
Water Rights: Yes
Water Source: Well
Floodplain: No