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Preferred Acreage: 5-20
Preferred County: Clallam County
Who we are and what we’ll do:
We're Sinda and Ky, and we want to create a small farm and homestead in Western Washington, with preference for Clallum, Jefferson, or Island counties. We plan to create a business selling vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and dairy products. We may also provide services related to our animals (land clearing, animal therapy), and plan to host events and workshops for small-to-medium sized scholastic, business, wedding, and other groups. We are passionate about education and community outreach, and want to use the farm as a tool to teach people about regenerative agriculture and how to source, grow, and eat the best, healthiest food they can.

We plan to combine intensive crop, animal, and water management practices to create an integrated farm ecosystem where we can use minimal off-farm inputs to create healthy soil, water, and food. To do this, we will use no-till growing practices, rotational grazing, crop rotation, and cover cropping to continually enhance the quality of our soil while providing a diverse range of products for our customers.

Our land needs:
Regarding specific land needs, we're fairly flexible. Raw and/or hard-to-develop land may be very reasonable for us, and untillable land is not a problem at all since we plan to utilize no-till growing practices. Ky is passionate about permaculture water capture and infiltration improvement systems, and would love to create one or more farm ponds and servicing swales. Some other infrastructure we will need to build or have available: barn space for the animals including a milking area, refrigeration for produce, washing and packing facilities, one or more greenhouses, and ideally septic or sewer connection to more easily accommodate events. If leasing, look for 5 year-term at a minimum.

Our experience in agriculture:
We just completed WSU Extension’s “Cultivating Success” program, wherein we are developing a “Whole Farm Plan” to describe our business plan, growing practices, pest management strategies, water use and retention strategies, etc. We’d love to share that document with you!

We have been full-time urban homesteading organic farmers for the past two years, learning to provide enough produce for three people on under 1/16th acre within that time - we didn’t buy anything but potatoes and garlic this year! We have also created a small container "nursery" of ornamental plants from clippings, using practices very similar to those employed at local professional nurseries. We have so many more details to share about all that if you’re interested.

Recently, we have participated in rehabilitation work at a small family farm in Long Beach, WA, and a small rural property in California. Through this work, we have learned a great deal about the logistical challenges of maintaining a 5+ acre property, as well as the day-to-day operation of a (very) small-scale dairy. The animals we intend to keep on our own homestead (Nigerian dwarf goats, 1-2 dairy cows, Welsh Harlequin ducks, and a "guard goose") are the ones that we were already tasked with caring for in Long Beach.

Our experience outside agriculture:
Before our full time venture into homesteading, Sinda had lifelong experience as a backyard gardener, as well as some formal training in community college agriculture classes through her work with special needs children and young adults. We are also *voracious* consumers of Youtube homesteading and farming content, both for practical in-field knowledge and business-side, operational concerns. We also attend as many university-hosted “webinars” as we can.

Before farming, Sinda was a lifelong backyard gardener, longtime special needs educator and administrator of a private school, and also gained extensive training and industry experience in culinary arts, digital and print marketing, and photography; Ky was an internet software developer, and also worked as a shift manager, cook, and laborer for a 64-person cooperative housing unit and industrial kitchen while attending UC Berkeley. Sinda has extensive business and management experience, has started her own business before, and is very savvy with social media. Ky is currently building a website for our farming enterprises, and will continue to use his expertise in that area to grow our business.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Dairy
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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