Felix N  
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For Lease
Preferred Acreage: 7
Preferred Location: King, Pierce, Skagit
Seeking to lease land for a pasture eggs and livestock operation.

I am interested in developing and running a pastured eggs operation and more if possible.

I have a background in chemical engineering and industrial engineering. I am currently looking for an opportunity to be successful in life by offering the means to provide pasture eggs our amazing community. I am a resident of Washington State and I love the great State of Washington. I went to high school at Renton High and attended Bellevue College for junior college. After that, I attended University of Washington and graduated with BA in science in health informatics. I achieved a BA in science chemical engineering and am now working on a masters in industrial engineering at UW. I have a business plan for the operation.

I worked with Skylight Farms in Snohomish. I grew up in a farming family and community.

Start a pastured eggs operation: - raise hens - clean and sell their eggs - join an egg coop business - grow marketing and customers
Farm Business Type:
  • Livestock
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Conventional
  • Other
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