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For Lease
Preferred Acreage: 3
Preferred Location: Clallam, Jefferson
Seeking 2-3 acres to lease in Jefferson County.

I'm looking to lease 2-3 acres in the Port Townsend / Chimacum area.

I am a flower farmer, focusing on Dahlia's. I'm seeking 2-3 acres to expand my dahlia (and other flowers and veggies) on. I would also like to eventually set up a hoop house on the property.

I've been growing dahlias for 5 years.

Short term is to bring all my plants to one property and expand my growing space. I’m looking to also add additional crops for diversification. My main interest is growing dahlias and selling the tubers commercially and wholesale, as well as cultivating new varieties.
Farm Business Type:
  • Row Crop
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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