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Preferred Acreage: 5
Preferred Location: Adams, Lincoln, Spokane, Stevens
Seeking land Stevens County/Lincoln County

My name is Robbie Bassen, and I'm looking for some land to rehydrate and grow food, fodder, and fuel for myself and surrounding community. I've worked on farms for 3 years and lived on a homestead in Montana for 1 year. Also attended 2 permaculture designer courses, along with a soil microbiology certificate. . Currently part of the 2nd phase Dr. Elaine Ingham's soil food web course, where I am training to become a soil health consultant, and I would love to compost with mostly onsite materials. This course has enabled me to analyze problems, pests, and diseases using a microscope/scientific stratagem and fix those problems with compost, extracts, and teas (or other organic application methods). Once accreditation is acquired, I'm looking to expand my consulting business to serve the greater Spokane area and assist those seeking organic certification/regenerative soil health and structures.

Interested in starting a compost operation and worm farm. Initially starting with gourmet/medicinal mushrooms and annual crops for early succession, progress to fruit and nut tree agroforestry/silvopasture techniques. Focus on animal husbandry not only with worms but may include bees, chickens, hogs, cattle, alpacas. Further down the line, I'd like to host workshops for composting, worm farming, bio char, gardening. I'm dedicated to emphasizing the move towards regenerative techniques and bio-compatible design.

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  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
  • Dairy
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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