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For Lease
Preferred Acreage: 50
Preferred Location: Klickitat, Skamania
Seeking Farmable acreage in West Klickitat.

My partner and I are looking for farmable acreage along the WA Hwy 141 corridor. We are looking for acreage to start a production biodiverse farm. 10-200 acres. Pigs, turkeys, cattle, fruit and veggie farm. We’d be more than happy to chat over the phone and schedule an in person interview.

I grew up in Trout Lake, managed multiple small pastured based beef, pork, and poultry family farms. I currently own and operate a small creamery producing aged cheeses (going into 3rd year of production, milk from a local organic dairy in Trout Lake) and lead an engine crew for WA DNR wildland firefighting in the summers. My fiancé works for Mount Adams Resources Stewards in Glenwood full-time, managing their crew working to protect the Oregon Spotted frog.

Managing production of 3 small pasture based meat farms. Large home scale / small production scale diverse veggie farming, vineyard installation and maintenance. All irrigation methods from drip to flood to wheel lines. Plumbing and electrical experience. 10 plus years of heavy machine operations.

We’d like to live on location at the farm, slow ramp up of production and healthy soil/pastures, greenhouse, etc over the first 3-5 years. Ideally owner finance, but we could finance if needed.
Farm Business Type:
  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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