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Preferred Acreage: 5
Preferred Location: King, Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish
Seeking to purchase 5+ acres for organic sustainable family farm in or near Snohomish County.

Extended family (5 adults, 3 kids) seeking land for starting an organic/sustainable family farm. We will want to live there, so land must either have housing or have rights to build housing. Currently too-small housing is acceptable if we can build additional housing. Must have enough irrigation access, open land, and sun for 2+ acres of organic vegetables and flowers. Any precedent on the land for agritourism is a plus. We are willing to rehabilitate land that had been used more conventionally in the past; we are also willing to work with former pasture land. Must have at least 2 acres for vegetables plus all buildings, septic, etc. be NOT in a flood zone.

We are an extended family looking to live and work together by sustainability principles. One couple has 10 years' experience in sustainable and organic vegetable farming. Another family member has a degree in horticulture and CPH certification, and wants to apply this to growing food (past experience has been in plant nurseries and landscaping). All adult family members have some experience at least with organic gardening, including growing, harvesting, and preserving some organic food. At least 3 of the adults have experience writing business plans, 2 of whom have successfully written and submitted farm business plans to investors and farm incubators in the past. 3 of the adults also have experience in housing construction.

Two of the adults have 5 - 10 years' experience in organic/ sustainable vegetable farming. This couple sold vegetables and some value-added products (salsa, bouquets, etc.) at farmers' markets in the Portland area. The other 3 adults have experience with organic gardening, including growing, harvesting, and preserving some organic food. One of the adults has a degree in horticulture, with professional experience in plant nurseries and landscaping. We are now looking for a place where we can all live and work together on a family farm, and would like to expand farm activities to include agritourism via farm stand, u-pick, classes, and events.

Our first plan is to create/update/ensure enough housing for all family members. We would also begin planning based on the features of the land, to decide best places for gardens, greenhouses, outbuildings, etc. (If they already exist we will work with that; it depends on the land). Our plans include selling vegetables at farmers' markets, and ideally having some agritourism including a farm stand, u-pick, agricultural classes, and possible event venue.
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  • Row Crop
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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