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Preferred Acreage: 20
Preferred Location: Clallam, Island, Jefferson, Skagit, Whatcom
Seeking several acres either in East Clallam County/Sequim or land that makes sense for our vision, to Lease or Purchase..

Searching for a horse barn and pasture, leasing for a year or more, possible purchase, to establish Peaceful Horse LLC, an educational community center (NOT for horseback riding.) For community education series in areas of personal development, ecology/pasture management, and horse physical rehabilitation.

My name is Erika Rado. I am in search of property that welcomes my new business Peaceful Horse LLC, to be of service to the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding region. We are myself, four horses and two cats. We are looking for at least several acres with a horse barn, open landscape, with some trees and water, for us to establish Peaceful Horse LLC. Living on the property is ideal, with a small home/apartment in or near the barn for ease of care. Peaceful Horse is a community center for the education (workshops, classes, discussion groups) of people who are focused on developing holistic ecology and equine awareness/wellness skills. Eventually to offer physical rehabilitation for horses. This is not a horseback riding, or adventure-based enterprise. At its foundation it is a place where people learn from guest teachers and speakers. There is more to our vision but this is the foundation of what we are needing.

I've been working with my horses for four years, and have been on three different properties in Whatcom County. We are aiming to establish ourselves in Sequim or just north of Sequim in the Dungeness area. I am not a farmer. My search is for barn and land as an agricultural, educational community center that is horse-based (no riding, no adventure-based activities).

To create a holistic bio-diverse demonstration pasture for the horses; offer classes and workshops with guest speakers and myself in areas of ecology, sustainable pasture management, equine behavioral education, and more, that supports the long-term wellbeing of horses, their people and the land that they live and work on.
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  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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