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Preferred Acreage: 20
Preferred Location: Clallam, Island, Jefferson, Skagit, Whatcom
Seeking a farm ready for horses with a barn, housing, rolling pasture, natural water source, and some trees, minimum 40 acres to lease or purchase in the Pacific Northwest.
My name is Erika Rado. I am in search of property that welcomes my business Peaceful Horse LLC, which is a new business model blend of community center and healing equine facility. We are: myself, five horses and two cats, looking for at least 40 acres with a horse barn, open landscape, with some trees and clean water source, for us to establish our business activity. I'd like to be living on location, ideally with a small home/apartment in or near the barn. Peaceful Horse LLC is a budding community center (online and on the ground) for the education of people (workshops, classes, discussion groups, public offerings) and for those who want to learn to cultivate native-plant permaculture in their own horse pastures, expand on their equine awareness and wellness skills. Eventually we will offer hydrotherapy for regional horses with a natural, pond-plant purification system. This is not a horseback riding, or adventure-based enterprise. At its foundation it is a place where people learn from guest teachers and speakers on improving the quality of life for themselves and their horses, and to come for respite, meditation, and rejuvenation.
Searching for a horse barn (5 horses minimum) and pasture, leasing for a year or more, possible purchase, to establish Peaceful Horse LLC, an educational community center (NOT for horseback riding/training.) For community education series in areas of personal development, ecology/pasture management, and horse physical rehabilitation.
I've been working with my horses for five years, on three different properties in Whatcom County. I am not a farmer.
Ideally, I'd like to: create a holistic bio-diverse demonstration pasture for the horses; offering classes and workshops with guest speakers and myself in areas of ecology, sustainable pasture management, equine behavioral education, and more, that supports the long-term wellbeing of horses, their people, and the land that they live and work on. I'd like to integrate permaculture practices regarding pasturing to promote at-home native plantings for soil biome maintenance/healthy mammalian biomes. Eventually, I envision expanding this model globally, to provide insight, education, and inspiration to other sustainable farmers/ranchers in the future
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  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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