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Preferred Acreage: 15
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Seeking acreage (2-15 acres) in cool, wet climate; ideally looking for a parcel in San Juan/Island/Whatcom counties (Northwestern Washington, closer to Canadian border) in order to facilitate prime climate for high production wasabi growing (crop does not do well in heat, specifically dry/hot summers; can tolerate colder winters)

My name is Shannon and my husband is Brian, we're the Beattie Family. We believe in hard work, spreadsheets, and farming in order to bring community together through agriculture. As two working professionals, my husband and I are looking to start a small farm with the main crop (wasabi) being a riverbed-type plant. We are looking to grow specifically for market gardening/value-added sales. We want to lease land under the right conditions (self/shared accountability, equitable rights & risks division, etc.) to see if we can grow successfully in that location. We will be having greenhouses starting with 2. We will not be looking to live on the property, but would appreciate if there is housing availability. It's important that there is plenty of water available on the property, no hills please (a gentle slope is not something we can work with).

In terms of experience, Brian has spent half of his life farming in Colorado. He also has experience taking houses apart and moving them. Shannon has experience in marketing.

We have the capital to start right away with placing the greenhouses up and invest in our infrastructure/input & output costs. We hope to incorporate a 1 acre snail farm (fertilizer/value-added product sales) that facilitates a beneficial/symbiotic relationship when integrated into our crop rotation. Our ROI is 1-3 years from when the greenhouses are set up. Once we are able to produce marketable yields, we want to establish a reliable farmers market consumer base and develop a rapport with the community and local restaurants for retail/market sales.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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