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Preferred Acreage: 5-15
Preferred County: King County
Hello! My name is Guillermo. Together with my parents and siblings, we are seasonal farmers. We are currently living on rental property and are seeking to purchase or lease-to-own land with plans to enter and expand our business of selling organic, locally-grown produce and goods. We have four years experience in subsistence farming and homesteading. Seeking housing onsite and within King County. Preferred water rights or well access. Seeking 5-15 acres (flexible).

I have past work experience working in the field of habitat restoration, property management and restaurant industry. Combined family past experience in general labor contracting, farm stand sales and commercial landscaping. Combined family education background in business administration, geography and environmental studies.

Farm practices include full-season garden-variety vegetables on rotating cash crop system. Future plans to build long-term assets (greenhouse, fencing, housing improvements, etc.) on purchased property. Can provide own farm equipment (vehicles, power equipment, greenhouse/cold frame, irrigation, tools and supplies, etc.) and labor upon purchase or lease.

Our family has lived in King County over 20 years. We are strong stewards of our environment and advocate for living sustainably. With our business vision, we hope to highlight the importance of food localization and address the needs of local communities disadvantaged by food insecurity or loss. Our market segments include direct sales to restaurants and farmers' markets. Potential future plans for wholesale production and livestock operations.
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  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
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