James B.  
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Preferred Acreage: 20-2000
Preferred County: I'm Flexible
I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Animal Sciences. Both my wife and I worked and lived on a Wagyu cattle ranch for 8+ years. During the time we both worked there we developed schedules (e.g. breeding, vaccination, rotational, etc.), protocols, and established general ranching practices. We were responsible for pasture management and rotation, as well as rotational grazing on a center pivot, water and soil management, fencing, calving, doctoring.
I have a background in producing hay and knowledge of all irrigation systems (flood, center pivot, wheel lines, and reels.)
Currently we own 5 acres in Roy, WA where we raise several head of Wagyu cattle and a few chickens for personal use.
Our dream/goal for our family has been to obtain more property in order to grow our cattle herd and possibly start raising other livestock as well (pigs, lambs.) Ideally, we would also like to produce hay to feed to the animals and sell.
Farm Business Type:
  • Livestock
  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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