This property has been leased or sold to a local farmer.

Property ID: 3043
For Lease
Land Share
Number of Acres: 21
Location: Lopez Island
Land Description:
S&S Homestead Farm raises biodynamic vegetables, fruit, grain and bread, fresh and processed meat, dairy products, and eggs; animal feed (grains [3t], green forage [estimated direct-harvested by the animals 57t in 2020] and hay [25t in 2020]), fertility (composts [estimated 48 yards 2020], compost teas, biodynamic preparations); electricity (20,000KW/year), water (3 wells producing a total of 12g/m, and 750,000 gallons by rain catchment for agricultural use), and wood products (lumber, firewood, hog fuel). The farm has existed for 50 years and has implemented a long-term farm plan conceived in 1970. Over the years, the mission of the farm included educational programs organized by S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture, classes in ecological food production for the local school, courses in biodynamics, workshops, farm tours, and on-farm research projects in collaboration with WSU. Social services provided eldercare, whole-diet CSA shares to food-insecure families, with support from local faith communities. Farmgate and Farmers' Market sales included CSA shares and custom slaughtered beef, lamb, and pork, sheepskins, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit, and cheese. Farm stay accommodations were offered year-round.

The farm has three soil types, two of which are under agricultural management, the third being in forest resources. 2004 Mitchellbay gravelly sandy loam, 0-5 % slopes make up 78% of the farm. 2008 Mitchellbay-Sholander-Bazal complex 0-8 % slopes make up 15% of the farm. 4007 Roche-Mitchellbay complex 3-15% is under forestland.

Vegetable growing site soils are also fertilized through regular applications of compost tea (fermented nettle/comfrey), and all sites are sprayed on a regular basis with biodynamic preparations (farm-produced vegetable ferments; for rates of applications see Randomized field trials have shown that soil nutrient availability is enabled by raising pH through applications of biodynamic preparations (Agricultural Systems 104:572-579 (2012), p. 11f).

We are searching for a farmer/s for a two-year trial period, with the ultimate goal of transitioning the farm to new tenants if everyone is happy with the arrangement. The long-term vision is for the farm to be held in trust by the Lopez Island Farm Trust and leased to farmer/s on a very long-term basis (can be a “99-year lease”). For the first two years, room and board for a single person or couple would be provided at no cost - an apartment is being built over the barn with a production kitchen below. In the long term, tenants could end up utilizing the farmhouse. Owners are planning a living estate on the property.*

Successful candidates would have completed training and several years of experience in regenerative agriculture. Farming within the established biodynamic systems of the farm is desired. Various enterprises are possible on the farm, including fruit orchard, processing fruit, value-added products, meat sales, CSA, etc. In addition to participating in overall farm management during the trial period, undertaking a vegetable CSA for the candidates' own profit and risk is recommended.

*Owners are currently working toward creating the outline of future agreement with the land trust and can share these plans with candidate as they become available.

Current Uses:
  • Currently Farmed Organic Practices
  • Other
Current Uses (other)
Past Uses:
  • Farmed Organic Practices
  • Other
Past Uses (other)
Farm Business Activities Allowed:
  • CSA/Direct Market
Types of Farming Allowed:
  • Dairy
  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Hay
  • Pasture
  • Organic
Organic Ready: Yes
Sun Exposure: Full
Is your land conserved?: No
Landowner Lives Onsite: Yes
Housing: Yes
Fenced: Yes
Fenced: Yes
  • Irrigation
  • Packing/Processing
  • Tractor
  • Tillage Equipment
  • Cultivating Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Milking Parlor
  • Other
Cheese-making facility (state-certified), woodshop, 3 greenhouses, distribution shed, barns (hay & machine storage), 20KW solar power, water catchment & pond
Storage: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Road Access: Yes
Heavy Equipment Access: Yes
Water Rights: Yes
Water Source: Well
Water Source: Pond
Floodplain: No