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Preferred Acreage: 5-100
Preferred County: Island County
Cascadia Heritage Farm is a small family farm on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State, dedicated to breeding, preserving and promoting rare, endangered heritage breeds of livestock. We raise high quality registered Dales Ponies, Malay Chickens, Asil Chickens and San Clemente Island Goats, and we are developing strong flocks of a few endangered heritage breeds of poultry.
We are looking to expand our operation to Cascadia Heritage ARK, a living gene bank.
Cascadia Heritage Ark preserves select endangered heritage livestock and heirloom cultivars through a living gene bank program, thus conserving vigor and biodiversity for future global populations. These preservation efforts are intrinsically tied to promoting native plant and animal populations alongside domesticated populations. We believe that diversity in all cultural, educational, and biological systems is the key to unlocking humanity’s hope.
What we want to accomplish with Cascadia Heritage Ark is to introduce people, especially youths, to small-scale farming and the importance of promoting an agricultural lifestyle while preserving biodiversity. We plan on opening our farm to schools, families and individuals to encourage hands-on experience on a small family farm. Biodiversity should be advocated for in forests, grasslands, jungles, farmlands, and even our own backyards. Most of us cannot support a polar bear in our backyards, but we can support biodiversity by preserving endangered heritage livestock, heirloom cultivars, and native plants and animals. We at Cascadia Heritage Ark, a living gene bank, believe we can make a difference and you can too.
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  • Livestock
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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