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Preferred Acreage: 1-10
Preferred County: Pierce County
My partner and I are looking for a place to grow using organic no-dig methods and produce for farmers' markets, CSA's, and our own farm stand. We also have a connection to a local food bank that wants to provide locally grown produce to its members once we are up and growing. It's always rewarding to watch customers' faces light up when they taste local organically grown produce. This has always been a solo venture for me, but now my partner and I are excited to build a livelihood together and enrich the lives of others in the process. All we need is a good piece of land.

My farming experience started on my family's farm in Eatonville. I grew up in a semi homestead situation. I raised sheep, dairy goats, fiber goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. I also managed the orchard and raspberries and grew an extensive vegetable garden. I sold some of my produce at a farmer's market and helped supply a CSA that was run by the Eatonville Co-op. I also worked for a couple of farms local to me, helping them manage their sheep, dairy goats, and process the wool for their fiber processing business.

My partner Jake, has experience in construction, assembly work, and selling at markets. He has a lot of valuable skills in fixing equipment and maintaining and building the key systems on the farm. You could say he's a Jake of all trades.

Early this year we met a landowner who was looking for farmers to grow and sell produce on his property. He has been very supportive and understanding of the difficulties involved in grooming a rough piece of land that is sopping wet all through winter and hasn't been farmed in many years. To make the field usable for farming, he had plans of putting drainage, running power and water, drilling an irrigation well, and bringing in rock for a road/work area. Unfortunately, special circumstances have spread both his time and funding too thin to finish preparing the site. As things are, it looks like we will need to find a new place to grow this year. Because things were moving along with the original farm site and the season, we had to get our tomato and sweet pepper seeds started, and seeds ordered for our field crops. There are literally hundreds of tomato and pepper starts with no place to grow them. Ideally, we will be able to find a willing landowner to lease us some space to grow on so we won't have to end this spring with a massive plant sale.

We would also be interested in a property with a place to live onsite or park a trailer/RV, but this is not a requirement.

Thank you so much for reading through our listing! We sincerely appreciate your time.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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