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Preferred Acreage: 1-40
Preferred County: Thurston County
We are a family of 6 currently living in San Diego, CA but looking to make a drastic lifestyle change. I am a US Army veteran who continues to serve in the Reserves. My wife is currently a stay at home mother but has her Masters in education and was previously an elementary school teacher. We are looking for land that allows us to live and work an outdoors, hands-on, and more healthy life that gets us out of the 9-to-5 cubicle rat race.
Our goal is to raise livestock, keep bees, grow crops, and sell our products via CSA/Direct Market and at a farm stand as much as possible, developing relationships of trust and quality with our customers. Side projects would include potential agritourism, as well as participating in veteran focused programs like donating to food banks, assisting and advising other veterans transitioning to this lifestyle, and other programs and opportunities as they present themselves.
I was previously stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord and lived in Thurston County, so we would love to find a place near to that, though anywhere around the southern end of Puget Sound would be welcome. We are flexible with any and all acreage with housing capacity, especially transitional and/or succession properties. I also grew up traveling to and spending time in Bellingham where my father played many summer concerts in the Bellingham Festival of Music. The greenery and abounding nature of western Washington really speaks to me.
Though my wife and I have never farmed before, we have lots of different life experiences that would be beneficial and applicable. She has started and owned her own business with employees. I have worked my way through various positions at a mid-sized brewery from selling beers in the tasting room, packaging, cleaning/sanitation, production brewing, and designing new recipes. I was forklift certified and operated various other industrial equipment. I currently work in project management as a defense contractor where I routinely oversee multi-million dollar operations. And at home, we have spent 3-5 years growing much of our own fruits and vegetables, keeping egg-laying hens, raising meat rabbits, conducting our own composting, and producing various fermented products. I also do most of the mechanical work on my motorcycle and cars. These home projects have included our four young boys as much as safety allows. They have developed relationships with our chickens and rabbits, caring for them as well as our domestic pets. They help in the garden at all stages - from weeding, to planting, to harvesting, and composting. We would like to give our boys the opportunity to live and inherent a healthier lifestyle that includes more outdoor chores, something an urban lifestyle lacks.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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