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Preferred Acreage: 20-250
Preferred County: Kittitas County
Hello, I am an experienced agrarian (10 years) and grazier. My goal is to find a home base property for a mobile targeted grazing business utilizing goats for vegetation management. I recently moved back to Thurston County after several years stewarding a 20 acre property and launching a targeted grazing operation utilizing goats and sheep in Northern California. I ran the business for three years and worked for several other operations. I have experience with vegetable ag., high density/short duration grazing (sheep & goats), sheep ranching, rangeland cattle management, permaculture, aquaculture, native plant restoration, rotational egg production, cover crop management, fruit & nut production, value-added product creation and production, flour milling, irrigation management and a little bit of hay work. I am seeking a property to lease to utilize as a home base for a targeted grazing operation. The dream property would have water, power, a barn, hay storage, and pasture. I can certainly work with a property that doesn't have these facilities. I do not need any kind of hard fencing available as I utilize electric fencing. I practice high-density/short-duration rotational grazing. I recognize that understanding a particular piece of land and ecosystem is dependent on time and experience. The knowledge of the current and historical stewards is invaluable to incoming stewards. Thank you very much for your time
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