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Preferred Acreage: 25-60
Preferred County: Whatcom County
My husband and I have been raising sheep for 12 years, beginning in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle with a small flock of 8 sheep. We now have a flock of about 80 sheep on average, producing registered breeding stock, pastured lamb, raw and finished fiber products, and sheepskins. Our educational offerings include beginning and ongoing shepherding education to new and aspiring shepherds as well as ongoing mentorship and consultation focusing on pasture based livestock management systems. Our husbandry methods revolve around low and no-stress flock management, ewe led weaning, living in family groups throughout the grazing season. We practice regenerative agricultural methods in our managed intensive grazing and pasture management, with regular moves to new pasture every 2-3 days and long pasture rest periods, a minimum of 45 days before regrazing. We also raise our flock of 50 laying hens with the same regenerative standards, on pasture with frequent moves following behind the sheep. We utilize non-lethal predator protection for our flock with the use of Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. We also breed Great Pyrenees, 1-2 litters annually, to provide puppies specifically to farmers and ranchers who rely on LGDs to keep their livestock safe in this region. We are currently working towards a goal of 50 breeding ewes, we now have 35, in order to expand our pastured lamb production to feed our community direct to consumer as well as restaurants, food cooperatives, and farmer’s markets. We are looking for either a long-term lease, a lease with option to buy, or an outright purchase.
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  • Livestock
  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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