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Preferred Acreage: 2-10
Preferred County: Jefferson County
We are a multigenerational, bicultural family of 5 searching for a 2+acre plot to begin our farm business that will focus on 3 aspects:
1- CSA - focused on crops basic for Central American cuisine - grow key ingredients used in typical meals
2- Agriculture Education Hub in Spanish - host events and promote education opportunities in Spanish
3- Agrotourism opportunities in Spanish, accessible to those interested in learning Spanish and the Spanish-speaking or in our community.
We are excited to own and operate a farm that will help bring ingredients to the tables of our neighbors, so we can continue to pass on our family's culture through farming, food, and education. Additionally, we are eager to plan for and provide social and educational opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect in Spanish.
As a family who immigrated from Costa Rica, we want to share who we are and what we know with our child and the local community. We imagine there are others in this community with a similar stories, who would like to connect with us, as well.
The family: We are four adults (2 moms, 2 grandparents), a kind and witty teen, and a mature rescued dog, who lead a home-based life (remote work/homeschooling).
Our collective skills and abilities: 4 successful businesses owned and operated by various combos of the adults making up over 35 years of business experience (salon, business consultant, private school, remodeling business); 2 adults with 20+ years of contracting experience who own a large set of contracting tools; 2 adults with over 15 years of interpreting and translation skills; an author; 2 adults with over 8 years of experience growing food at home and via a community garden.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Other
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