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Yeng V  
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Preferred Acreage: 2-5
Preferred County: Snohomish County
Hi, I am a farmer who primarily grows flowers. I grew up farming in Laos and have been selling flowers for 33+ years. We are a family-only business and both my parents are still the main farmers. We have a 4-month market season and spend the remainder of the year prepping and cleaning. Our current lease expires at the end of 2022.

We would like to maintain our current size of farmland, which is 2 acres in Monroe and 2 acres in Carnation. We could go up to 5 acres. Our biggest requirements are: access to water (though irrigation is not necessarily needed); storage for our tractor and tools; and a shed/dry area to store perennials. We would also appreciate a building license so that we can build our own storage as well as capacity for chickens.

We live in Shoreline so we'd like to stay close to Monroe. An even closer proximity would be ideal. Our ideal lease price range is $1500-$1600 total for 2 acres ($700 per acre). We also don't have any hesitations with working with other Hmong farmers!
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  • Conventional
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