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Preferred Acreage: 5-9999
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We are a married couple, both veterans, with two very different levels of farming experience, but we share a love for growing good plants and animals, caring for the land, & creating a lasting healthy ecosystem.

Jacqueline- I grew up visiting my grandparent's farm in the Palouse hills and that started my love of farm animals, and caring for the land. I started gardening my own backyard in the central Cascades through my childhood. As an adult, I've mostly lived out of state. I have taken the initiative once in the past (and plan to again) to volunteer on organic farms, I stayed for a weekend on a large-scale chicken & egg farm several years ago in southern Georgia. I now live in Indiana where my partner and I have a back yard garden. We grow fruits & vegetables, spice plants, dye plants, and we plan to start beehives and expand to the front yard next year.

Daniel-I grew up in the rural Mid-west. Never far away from farming. When I was separating from the Navy, a contractor friend and I started a business in the then brand new industry of agricultural drones. Over two years, I learned a lot about everything from industrial agriculture to small scale organic farming, all in Georgia and South Carolina. In this time I worked with one of the largest Organic pasture farms in the USA, where I learned about Savory pasture management and regenerative agriculture. The experience of working with and on this farm awoke a passion, which led me to return to the Mid-west, and enroll at Purdue, where I have studied Sustainable Food and Farming Systems(A B.S. focused on sustainable and regenerative farming practices), and Wildlife science. During my time here I have worked three years for the Purdue Student Farm as an intern, getting my hands on everything they could let me. There I learned the basics of things ranging from beekeeping, to controlled environment agriculture, cover cropping, crop rotations, irrigation, equipment maintenance & operation, the list goes on. A very valuable set of experiences that I am eager to apply towards an endeavor we can call ours. Our garden is a small downtown garden at our home here in Lafayette, Indiana. We do what we can with four dogs on this little parcel.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Dairy
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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