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Preferred Acreage: 2-5000
Preferred County: I'm Flexible
We have a dream to be stewards of the land in Washington where we can create or expand an organic farm, educate youth, teach families, tend to the plants & animals and create an edible paradise.

As a husband & wife power-team who’s done it once, we’re ready & energized to apply our experience, passion, energy and skills to a farm.
In 2020, I reached out to Terra as she was growing her non-profit organization which was in the process of building a one acre Eco Destination, organic garden and youth educational experience in Arizona.
After talking about the project, I went to Arizona and together we designed and developed an inspiring space where we:
⁃ Strategized, grew & harvested companion planted crops
⁃ Created a permaculture layout and planted a fruit orchard
⁃ Offered a CSA to our community
⁃ Utilized aeroponic systems
⁃ Taught families and youth how to grow their own organic food, become leaders and reconnect to themselves, each other and nature.
Terra and I both have a background in:
⁃ Leadership
⁃ Running, training and expanding teams
⁃ Growing non-profit organizations
⁃ Teaching
⁃ Organic gardening
⁃ Permaculture
⁃ Some farming
Terra comes with a professional background in:
⁃ Founding, growing and running companies
⁃ Leadership
⁃ Teaching entrepreneurship at the collegiate level
⁃ Program development
⁃ Project management
⁃ Website design and building in Wordpress
⁃ Marketing via social media and the overall branding experience at scale
⁃ Coaching executive leaders
Designing programs for youth and families
⁃ And…her first love is organic gardening and being on the land, to which she’s done since she was a little girl.
I have a background in:
⁃ Contracting work
⁃ Building
⁃ Running small businesses
⁃ Coaching underprivileged and under-acknowledged populations including veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and also low income and homeless
⁃ Developing programs and support for autistic and down syndrome young adults
Additionally, I have certifications and extensive knowledge in:
⁃ Heavy equipment operation including the backhoe, skid steer, excavator and mini excavator
⁃ Plumbing
⁃ Irrigation
⁃ Wood working
⁃ Light-electrical
⁃ Septic
⁃ Well-maintenance

Terra and I have our general contractors license here in Washington, which may be of use now or in the future on the farm.
Of course, like you, we have so much more to share but for now, we will leave this little piece of us here.
We are looking to explore land opportunities where we can pour our energy, time and talents while learning, growing and expanding our knowledge. We are seeking a place where we can live on the land - whether that includes a home that’s already built or a place that we bring/build ourselves (Ie. An RV, Van, Tiny Home, etc.)
If this seems like a good potential fit, we would love to connect with you, please reach out!

With gratitude,
Terra & Jiggy
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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