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Preferred Acreage: 2-40
Preferred County: King County
We are an empty-nester couple from the MidWest. We have relocated to WA state, not because of a job, but because of our love for WA state itself. Jeff grew up on a family farm and has experience with rotation crops (hay, soybeans, corn and beans) as well as extensive experience gardening in his adulthood. Strong operating experience with farm equipment (tractors, balers, cultivators, planters, combines, etc). Also experience with cattle, hogs and chickens. PLEASE NOTE: Jeff has a severe allergy to horses and we cannot be on a farm that has them or had them.
Carol works remotely for an affordable housing nonprofit; Jeff is a Special Education administrator with about 10 more years until retirement. We are looking for land to purchase in the future, but would like to live on the land in the meantime as well....we are looking for lease-purchase options, lease-only for now, or are open to other arrangements that could be beneficial for all parties.
Obviously with Jeff still working, we would not be looking for a full-time farming operation. But we are very open to something that would allow us to live on a site (we are in the process of looking for a year-round RV or movable tiny home) and care for the land and possibly livestock. We are open to a year-by-year arrangement or longer.
Being new to WA state, we are unsure about naming a location. We are open to discussing anyplace that would still allow Jeff to commute to Bellevue School District daily. A commute of up to 1 hour each way would be acceptable...prefer a location north or east of Bellevue.
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  • Livestock
  • Pasture
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
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