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Preferred Acreage: 1-20
Preferred County: Pierce County
Dear Farmer,

We would be honored if you would consider our family to live and operate on your land. We have been traveling all over the USA in our 44ft, 5th Wheel Roadschooling two of our four kids for the last 2yrs after the COVID Shutdowns. Before that, we lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where we raised chickens and grew vegetable gardens for our families' consumption.

My husband is an honorable US veteran who served in Iraq. He then worked for the same company remotely for 17yrs where he experienced layoffs and lost his job. God recently provided him with a new job working on-site out of Sumner, Wa. We fell in love with Washington during the summer and look forward to calling it home.

Our dream as a family is to own a homestead and learn to work our land using regenerative practices. The VA offers veterans excellent programs that teach these farming practices we have been studying.

While we don’t know where we will ultimately buy land around the area, we would like the opportunity to lease land to live on and begin learning and growing our skills as homesteaders. Our two youngest children are 8 and 12, and we would like to teach them homestead techniques and practices while we homeschool them. Our two older children are getting married and live out of State.

We will be moving to Washington and looking for land to lease and live on in our RV at the end of November/December 2022. We will need land that offers us 50AMP Electric, Water, and, if possible, sewer hookups. We are looking to lease 1 acre to learn on for our own family and are open to the possibility of helping the farmer on their land. Because my husband was recently laid off we are looking for affordable land lease options to get back on our feet while we live in our RV.

I am Bethannah, a Christian author and online business owner. I homeschool our kids and look forward to learning about the area and teaching my kids from the farm. I am open to selling what we produce on the land. I have a vintage pink camper that is the retail camper that I use in all my marketing that may be a fun way to sell farm items. We would like chickens, a dairy cow or goats to make skin care products, our own vegetable garden, flower garden to dry and use in products and my daughter wants a horse someday.

If you are a farmer looking for a kind, respectful, service-oriented, hard-working US Veteran family to occupy a part of your land, we would be it!

As you can imagine, we, too, are looking for the right farmer and farm to live and work from, so we look forward to speaking to you and finding out more about you and your heart for your farm and legacy.

We need something ASAP, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. If this is still up, then we are still looking.

Sincerely, Bethannah & Greg
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  • Row Crop
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  • Dairy
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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