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Preferred Acreage: 5-20
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My name is Dorcas Young, and my family currently resides on Whidbey Island, a place I have called home since 1996. Together with my husband, we raised our five children, all of whom proudly graduated from the South Whidbey Schools District. While my husband pursued a career as a school teacher, I dedicated my time to being a stay-at-home mother. Eager to contribute to our community, I initiated our journey by leasing a pea patch garden to cultivate fresh and organic vegetables, supplementing my husband's income.
Our venture at Green Bank Farm originated from a desire for fresh produce, leading us not only to share with neighbors but also to participate in the local Bayview Farmers Market. Over the past 12 years, I have immersed myself in the farming business, beginning with leasing a pea patch garden, cultivating vegetables, and selling our produce at the local Bayview Farmers Market. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to gain expertise in organic soil management and the production of value-added farm products, including vegetable preservation.
Currently, I serve as a board member at NABC, a nonprofit organization primarily focused on supporting farmers with valuable resources. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Whidbey Island Farm School in 2008 and the BIPOC Community Facility in Langley, which supports young farmers in South Whidbey. I am passionate about farming and supporting a sustainable food system in our community.
With the wealth of experience accumulated, I am eager to leave a lasting legacy. I am actively seeking an opportunity to purchase 5 to 10 acres of land, particularly from any retiring farmer who wishes to see their land continue to be farmed. My family would be delighted to partner with and share our story with that farmer. I am exploring possibilities in Island County, King County, Whatcom, and Skagit County.
My vision extends beyond personal farming; I aspire to establish a non-profit organic farm school and create a training center for farm-to-table value-added processing facilities. Additionally, I am interested in partnering with nonprofit organizations like Via Farms in Skagit County.
If you or anyone you know has land available for sale, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this potential venture further. My commitment to compassionate farming and producing quality food aligns with my desire to contribute to the agricultural landscape of our beloved community.

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  • Row Crop
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  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Certified Organic
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