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Preferred Acreage: 2-500
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Salutations! I am Jake, and the true interest in farming is my daughter Carina.

Carina has volunteered at 3 farms with references available. She has experience in cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits; her favorite is cows. Carina has assisted with shots, fecal samples, wool samples, hoof trimming, etc. I have routinely helped with volunteer work, including wrangling sheep for shearing. She has read a box of used vet tech books and everything she can get her hands on that Joel Salatin has written. I'm going to mark 'currently farming' here for the volunteer work, but this description should help interpret that one!

We are looking for farmland from 2 acres up to 500 acres to start a cow farm / dairy operation. Existing farmland would be ideal so that we could afford a larger plot of land with the lower taxes afforded farmers. An existing operation turnover situation would be great!

Carina is young, still in high school, has autism with a super power of animals, and wants to be a farmer when she grows up. She has saved up for and is pining for her own cow currently, calling BLM, the local government organizations, etc, trying to obtain rentable land to enable her ardent desire.

I am a 22 year Navy veteran, so may be able to leverage some 'soldier to farmer' resources. We lived for roughly a decade over the last 14 in WA, and the family loved it and can't wait to get back. I have a remote job, so we can live anywhere in WA state, but the western half is desired to be within 3 hours of the University of Washington for my oldest daughter.

I grew up in Iowa with farmer relatives and an electrician / entrepreneur dad. I am mechanically inclined including wiring, sheet metal, welding, carpentry, engine repair, etc. I taught each of the daughters to rebuild chainsaws and resell them. We recently built a two story 10x15' shed from concrete work to roofing all by ourselves including half of it for rabbit and chickens.

I am a terrible hunter but have a goal of hauling elk out of the woods as a 70 year old; elk nearby or on the property would be grand! I butchered and tanned the hide of my first and only white-tail deer myself, so I am ready to assist Carina with the squeamish parts of farming. We make our own pork sausage and brats, smoke our own bacon, and smoke pulled pork and cashews for that matter. I brew melomel, so bee work wouldn't be bad either.
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