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For Lease
Preferred Acreage: 3-20
Preferred County: I'm Flexible
TerraClear Inc. is an agricultural robotics company that designs and fabricates robotic farming equipment. We are developing an automated rock picker. You can find out more about our company at www.terraclear.com Our team is a combination of farmers, fabricators, mechanical design engineers, and machine vision and robotics engineers.

We are looking for 3 - 20 acres of farmland in reasonable proximity to our development facility in Issaquah, WA. Reasonable meaning up to a 2 hour drive. We need ground to run standard farm equipment equiped with our robotic implements for testing year round. The ground must remain reasonably workable in winter (rain-dependent). Parcels that routinely flood in the winter will not work.

Irrigation is not needed.
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  • Row Crop
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  • Other
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