Jori L  
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Interested In:
For Lease
Land Share
Preferred Acreage: 1-20
Preferred County: Thurston County
Farm couple looking for land and community in Lewis/Thurston County. After spending four years on the Palouse we are excited to be returning to Western Washington, and are looking for land as well as the opportunity to connect with other farmers and gardeners. I have been growing a substantial portion of our food for 6+ years and worked on farms part time in Kitsap County for 2 seasons. My partner is a mixed-practice veterinarian and has accepted a job offer in Centralia, WA. We love working the land together, especially growing food and cultivating ornamental gardens, and are committed to regenerative and sustainable land practices.

We're interested in leasing or sharing land currently but would be open to purchasing in the near future. Housing would be a plus but isn't required.
Farm Business Type:
  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
Need Housing:
Currently Farming: