Chelsea D  
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Interested In:
For Lease
Land Share
Preferred Acreage: 1-21
Preferred County: I'm Flexible
My husband and I would be working together in this process. We have 1 year of farming in Hawaii doing exotic fruit trees and organic gardening. We are well versed in Korean Farming Techniques as we learned from a small family homestead we volunteered at while in Hawaii outside of our farm. My husband grew up country where they grew food for the family and had some small animals. I only got into farming specifically in the last year. Before that, I was working in pest control, herbicide sprays and landscaping. I also have my BA and experience in project management.

We want to eventually have a large farm/homestead of our own. We are attempting to qualify for a loan from the government to purchase our own property. However, we have to have 2 years on paper experience to qualify for the loan. We are hoping to find a home for the next year or two where we can learn, grow, and benefit a community, while accomplishing the things we need to be our own farmers one day!
Farm Business Type:
  • Row Crop
Intended Farming Practices:
  • Sustainable and Organic Practices
  • Other
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