Property ID: 9956
For Lease
Incubator Plot
Number of Acres: 40
Location: Lynden
Land Description:
The land is roughly 22 acres of forest and 18 acres of cleared land which was planted with silage corn in 2021. Prior to that it was unmanaged for roughly ten years, and was pasture for dairy cows prior to that. The land has a gentle slope, and I've been told the soil is rich, but I don't have a detailed report on the soil yet- I have had some testing done recently. I have access to a shared well that can pump 200gpm, which none of the other landowners in agreement are using. I have extended a waterline across the property with both risers and frost-free faucets which should be able to deliver 120gpm to the field.

The site has 37ft destination trailer RV, but no electricity and the septic permits are still being worked on. I do have solar panels, batteries, a couple generators, and an 120gal propone tank, so basic offgrid power and heating can be setup. So basic housing accommodation is available onsite.

Ideally, I'd like to a mix of higher value intense row crops like vegetables, berries, or other fruits with a permaculture orchard along with agroforestry and mushroom cultivation in the forested area. However, I have no farming experience so I'm open to suggestions.

An equity partnership with someone sharing a vision similar to mine would be ideal. In that case I can tap into considerable land equity if startup capital is needed. I would be open to standard land leasing agreements too, or something in-between. The only thing I might not be open to is putting extractive monoculture on the entire cleared acreage.

Current Uses:
  • Unmanaged
Past Uses:
  • Other
Past Uses (other)
2021 year of silage corn previously unmanaged
Farm Business Activities Allowed:
  • CSA/Direct Market
  • Wholesale
  • Farm Stand
  • Agritourism
Types of Farming Allowed:
  • Dairy
  • Row Crop
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Pasture
  • Organic
Organic Ready: Don't Know
Sun Exposure: Full
Is your land conserved?: Yes
Landowner Lives Onsite: No
Housing: Yes
Fenced: Yes
Fenced: Yes
  • Irrigation
Storage: No
Electricity: No
Road Access: Yes
Heavy Equipment Access: Yes
Water Rights: Yes
Water Source: Well
Floodplain: No